5 Ideas for Alternative ITF Events

Connect classroom learning to the world of work

Schools industry Partnership

Invite volunteers to help with a related project

Inspiring the Future volunteers have a multitude of skills in different areas, and have real industry experience they could show your students. Perhaps you have a sustainability project with your technology and hospitality classes, invite a horticulturalist or landscaper to help with the project and demonstrate how the skills your students are learning help them in their job today!

Run a targeted mentoring event

Invite volunteers from different industries to come and be available to answer questions and give advice about their field. This would work well as an extended lunchtime event, so students of all ages could come and hear from someone working in a field they're interested in.

Hold a subject related career day

Perhaps you're a STEM teacher who wants to engage your students in the possibilities of a STEM career, or a music teacher who wants to show your students the variety of career opportunities that relate to music. Hold an entire day built around your discipline and invite a variety of volunteers to speak on different things. This kind of event would work well to involve your different year groups across different times in the day. Think about asking if your volunteer/s could demonstrate something they do as a part of their job!

Host a student run careers event

Encourage your senior students to develop news skills by asking them to design, plan and run a careers event for younger students, based on what they would have liked to have heard about when they were their age. Invite volunteers on their behalf and make sure to integrate the senior planners and junior attendees on the day. 

Invite volunteers to run workshops

While it is a bigger ask, and not all volunteers would be able to oblige, hosting specific workshops to get your students career ready is invaluable! Consider asking volunteers to run, or participate in teamwork and problem solving workshops or resilience workshops. Think about what your students need to be successful in their future endeavours and bring the ability to learn those skills to them!