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Secondary Schools and Colleges

Inspiring the Future Australia is a free service for schools and colleges to recruit volunteers doing a range of jobs to share their knowledge and experience with your students face-to-face. Volunteers sign up to offer at least one hour per year to visit schools to help young people make better informed decisions about their futures and the value of education. Volunteers may be available to offer more time when requested by teachers. With Inspiring the Future, you will also find it easier to access employers who can support careers fairs.

Inspiring the Future explained in seconds  


Completing your profile 

This will take you to the Inspiring the Future Australia portal, where you will be asked to provide a few basic details, and your email address. Once your registration is approved, you will receive an email containing a temporary password.

When you log in using this password, you will be asked to change it to something more memorable. On first entering the portal, we'll ask you to provide a few more details about yourself.


Activities you need help with

You'll be asked to select activities that you need help with, for schools this is currently — Career Insight Talks and Activities, Curriculum Link, Help with Resumes and/or Realistic Mock Interviews, Exchanging Expectations and Reading or Numeracy


Finding volunteers to invite

To find volunteers, schools go to 'Find Volunteers'  once logged in, and generate a list of volunteers in their area who can offer the activity specified. Schools can view brief profiles of the volunteers including their jobs, and what they can offer. (Private email addresses and phone numbers are not visible to either party).


Sending invite messages

From the ‘Find Volunteers' page, you can message appropriate Volunteers and ask them to get involved in an activity they have coming up either individually or on mass. Volunteers accept/decline the activity.


After the Activity

If accepted, once it has taken place schools complete automated feedback forms.

We ask four or five questions about how the activity went. We strongly recommend that this is completed, as it allows us to keep an eye of the quality of volunteers and whether or not the service is working for both parties. We also use your feedback to report to funders, which will help to keep this service completely free to schools and volunteers.