An interview with ITF volunteer Adriana Carvalho

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Briefly, what does your current job involve?

My current job as a technical support engineer involves investigating and solving hardware and software problems related to fixed networks telecommunications equipment. This involves working with various technologies and collaborating with engineers and professionals around the world.

What was the transition from school to work like for you?

The transition from school to my first job was exciting as I felt technically prepared for the challenge, yet intimidating as I was not very familiar with the corporate environment.

What challenges or hardships have you experienced in your career?

Overcoming self-doubt and accepting challenges that seemed a little ambitious at the time were crucial to my professional growth. For example, I was invited to work on projects with customers in Japan, Korea and Singapore at a short notice. Working in different environments and learning local culture and customs, with a clear focus on deadlines and customer satisfaction and managing expectations from various stakeholders and contributed immensely to my professional growth.

What are you most proud of in your job?

I really enjoy being able to find solutions to address technical problems, working with my colleagues as part of a supportive team creating the technology to connect the world.

What’s the best piece of advice you received at the beginning of your career, or what do you wish you were told?

I had an informal mentor in my first job as a junior engineer. I learnt from his behaviour, more than from his words, that being authentic, listening to my own needs, setting my goals, helping others and finding meaning in what I do every day is also a measure of success, it was not necessarily only about "climbing to the top of the corporate ladder”.


What was the most valuable thing you have learnt from taking part in ITF activities?

The most valuable thing I’ve learnt through ITF activities was that a small contribution of my time as a professional can have a huge positive impact on a young person’s future. Collectively, we are achieving something really great for the future generation and I am very proud to be part of the team of volunteers greatly supported by ITF knowledgeable staff.

Why should others get involved with Inspiring the Future?

Inspiring the Future provides practical, hands-on opportunities for you to share your experiences and knowledge with others, supporting the next generation of professionals. It is so easy and so convenient. It is also an excellent networking opportunity, meeting and exchanging ideas with many inspiring professionals at these events was certainly a highlight for me.