AWS Family Tech Series Launched in Australia

Inspiring young future tech builders

Schools Industry Partnership, Adrian Rhodes

AWS in Communities has recently released their complimentary, online Family Tech Series that enables families to participate in enjoyable and educational online STEM workshops and presentations at their own pace. Family Tech Series seeks to inspire young future tech builders while engaging with their families in a fun and educational way. Families, communities and teachers around the world are invited to discover and play with the latest tech concepts, learn from technology subject matter experts, and learn more about cloud computing, and career paths in technology.  The event offers a wide range of exciting content including tech keynote presentations, workshops and demos, a learning hub with educational videos for all ages and a careers corner. Something for everyone! It will be available online in Australia at least until the end of 2021 and can be accessed at your own pace.  

AWS Family Tech Series FAQs



                                             Register HERE and start engaging with the program.