AWS Tech Week 2021

Schools Industry Partnership, Adrian Rhodes

Inspiring the Future Australia is assisting AWS in Communities to run exciting, interactive, virtual  workshops for Australian school students during AWS Tech Week 2021.Forty-seven AWS employee volunteers based in Australia and overseas are currently facilitating 54 workshops in 29 primary & secondary schools for over 1250 students.

Tech Week is an annual event developed and run by Amazon Web Services, (AWS) aimed at informing and inspiring young people about the exciting world of technology, including Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and discuss the wide variety of exciting career opportunities it offers.

Now, more than ever, it is vital to inspire young students to embrace some of the new and emerging technologies that today’s world relies on, for industry, science, communications, and jobs creation. AWS is making a positive contribution to this goal through these workshops. 

An IT teacher at the Ponds High School in Western Sydney, shared his experience of running an AWS Workshop for his students.  Check it out at: