Beyond School

Cambridge Park High School - June 2021

Schools Industry Partnership, Jennie Payens

At Inspiring the Future Australia (ITF), we believe there is a positive future for all young people and the occupational possibilities beyond school are BRIGHT!

With this premise in mind, ITF teamed up with Cambridge Park High School’s highly motivated Career Adviser and 20 selected Year 9 and 10 students to participate in a four-session program.

ITF involved 8 of our dedicated industry volunteers to support the students through industry conversations and practice interviews. This provided the external encouragement and confidence boost many of the students needed.

The ‘lightbulb moments’ occurred when the students attended four industry visits with a trade and manufacturing focus. The opportunity to hear from employers and see, firsthand, four workplaces was immensely impactful.

The program’s mission for each student, was to ‘plant the seeds’ to create a personal vision for positive life beyond school. We are proud to confirm that our mission has been accomplished!


This was a tailored ITF program created in collaboration with Brooke Moon to meet the selected student’s needs. We thank Christine Assanti from Regional Industry Enterprise Partnership – NSW Department of Education for her support. We extend our gratitude to our ITF industry volunteers and the four businesses, All Metal Products, Landscape Solutions, Opie Manufacturing and Visy Glass, that hosted tours for this program.