Bridging School and the 'World of Work'

Hunters Hill High School

Jennie Payens

 Bridging school and the 'world of work'


 We hosted our 14th school workshop for 2022 at Hunters Hill High School last week. 120 students from Year 10 participated in our full ‘Future in Focus’ workshop. 

By the student’s eagerness to participate in our ‘Career Starter Survey’, we immediately knew that these students would enjoy and benefit from what we had in store. Our employability challenges, followed by the 'Career stepping stones game' and then the impactful ‘Industry Conversations’ build a practical understanding of the ‘world of work’. 

During the employability challenges, we as facilitators, simulate the ‘employer’. So, when the students design a music poster, fold origami and participate in a team quiz we are deliberately not recording scores or providing prizes.

We are encouraging the students to demonstrate skills and attributes that are valued in the workplace. Our specific focus when observing the students include: 

  • Motivation 
  • Communication 
  • Collaboration 
  • Adaptability 
  • Teamwork 
  • Following instructions 
  • Problem solving 
  • Self-discipline

Through the facilitated debrief questioning technique, the ‘aha’ moments are discovered by the students themselves. 

The array of industry guests that generously joined us in the ‘Industry Conversations’ session seamlessly broadened the students’ occupational possibilities, provided school education relevance and expanded career horizons. 

Students at Hunters Hill High School met the following industry guests:


Chad Smith                                             1300 Apprentice 

Norman Leng                                         Ignition IT 

Craig Sutherland                                   Glascott Landscape and Civil 

Nicole Hoste                                           Carevolution – Care Industry 

Tayla Brisa                                                Raging Waters 

Daisy Bryant                                            APP Property and Infrastructure 

Melissa Vassiliou                                   City of Canada Bay 

Angelique Lubomirof                            Lane Cove Council 

Camilla Love                                            F3 - Future Females in Finance 

Priscilla Barber                                       Raging Waters  

Sarah Howell                                           Regal Innovations- Eden Gardens (Horticulture)  

Mia Mylonas                                           John Holland

Sasha Kovic                                              Roberts Co. Construction