Career Insights for Young Women Event - A Great Success!

Empowering young women to pursue their passion

Schools industry Partnership

Inspiring the Future Australia hosted an exciting Inspiring Women event in Penrith on Wednesday 20th March 2019.

Five successful and inspiring women from different industry sectors shared their career journey and advice with fifty young women aged 16-24 from local schools and Schools Industry Partnership's Youth Transitions services. The volunteers, Laura Gunther, Penny Winn, Leanne Knox, Maha Dunne and Gabby Tolomeo shared insights on the challenges they have faced in life and how they tackled them, especially when pursuing careers with a traditionally low female presence. The young women were encouraged to believe in themselves, to pursue their passion without wavering, to seek positive mentors, explore different options and to challenge career gender stereotyping.

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The speed career networking activity, following the panel introductions, enabled each volunteer to interact with every young person in small groups to answer their questions and provide further insights to broaden their career horizons and awareness. The teachers who attended with their students were excited by the possibility of using the Inspiring the Future Australia website  to hold similar events at their schools.

Many more volunteers are needed so you can sign up yourself here to give one hour a year to inspire young people in your locality. Help share the opportunity with others also. Everyone has a valuable career story to share that could inspire a generation.