AWS Girls' Tech Day-2023

Schools Industry Partnership, Adrian Rhodes

“Tech is for everyone”

“You don’t have to be a boy to be an engineer”

“Girls RULE”

“You’ve got to be brave”

“It's alright to not know what my dream job is and that I should do the things I enjoy doing”

These are a sample of what female school students said they learned at AWS Girls’ Tech Day, held on 22nd November 2023 at The Campbelltown Catholic Club.



A total of 715 primary and secondary school students with 63 teachers from 34 schools interacted with 80 inspiring female role models and took part in over 30 hands-on and exciting tech activities. Many thanks to all 22 organisations who prepared and presented the activities to inspire the girls to consider future career pathways in technology. See the list of presenters here.


All student responders to a survey said the event was “cool” with 70% saying it was “super cool“.

Before attending, 90% of students said they were “sort of” interested in a future tech career and after attending, 80% said they were “now interested” in a future tech career, with 30% definitely interested. 80% of students said they learned new things, with 60% saying they “definitely” did.


All teachers surveyed said their “expectations were met” or “more than met” and that it was a very valuable learning experience for their students. Their comments included the following: “All of the presenters and people working at the exhibits were amazing! Such an interesting day. VR spaces and technologies available for girls to get into”.  “A well organised event, timing perfect, place well managed and all volunteers fantastic”. “The students had a wonderful time and are eagerly bugging me for the next one”. “The girls and I had a fabulous time yesterday - they all returned to school on a buzz and shared what they did.”  “The kids had an amazing time and many said it was the best day ever!”.