Exciting Events for Western Sydney - Watch this Space!

Schools Industry Partnership, Ashleigh James

At Inspiring the Future Australia we have made it our mission to make a positive difference in young students’ lives by presenting them with the opportunity to learn more about the career paths they can take after school for an exciting and rewarding future.


Check out our upcoming events in Western Sydney below and find out how you can get involved!


Primary Futures “What’s My Line” event

On Thursday the 25th of July ITF and Amazon Web Services will be hosting our wildly popular “What’s My Line” event for students at Elderslie public school.

We have invited a number of enthusiastic volunteers to participate in the activity and open the young students’ eyes to the endless opportunities they will have beyond their schooling years.

A video of the event will be produced to encourage stakeholders to get involved. Watch this space!


For further information about how you can be involved in future “What’s My Line” events, contact Adrian at adrian@inspiringthefuture.org.au.

Inspiring Women - Liverpool


On Tuesday the 13th of August ITF and Amazon Web Services will be holding an exciting “Inspiring Women” event for 200 female secondary school students in the Greater Liverpool region.

Female volunteers from various occupations will be encouraging the students to embrace their full potential and broaden their career aspirations. It will challenge gender stereotyping and highlight career options, particularly in traditionally male dominated industries.


If you are interested in volunteering to inspire young women who are entering the workforce, don’t hesitate to contact Adrian at adrian@inspiringthefuture.org.au for more information.