Five Inspiring Women Expand Career Options for School Students

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Inspiring the Future Australia (ITF) and Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) Western Sydney facilitated an Inspiring Women webinar on 23rd September 2020 that was live streamed out to classes of female students in 40 schools across NSW and beyond. In the session, a panel of five inspiring women representing different occupations, shared what they do, what a day in their job looks like, what influenced them to choose their career and its benefits, the challenges they had to overcome along the way and words of advice and encouragement to young women making decisions about their future. The panel then responded to students’ questions sent in from participating schools.

Many thanks to the inspiring panel speakers and their employers for allowing them to take part in the webinar and to teachers who enabled their students to participate. If any school was unable to have their questions answered by a panel member due to time restraints, they can forward them to the email below and we will ask the volunteers to respond and get back to you.

You can access a recording of the webinar here.

ITF Australia encourages workplace volunteers across Australia from every sector and occupation to sign up on the secure website and encourages teachers (Primary & Secondary) to sign up as well, to search for available volunteers and invite them to participate in virtual or face-to-face career awareness activities like this one that they run for their students. For further information, contact: