"Get that Job" Event

A great success

Schools Industry Partnership, Adrian Rhodes

On Thursday 21st March, 12 employers came together at a large venue in Penrith to interview young job seekers for real jobs.

More than 200 interviews were held for positions in housing construction, civil construction, automotive engineering, landscaping, horticulture, hospitality, child care, metals & engineering, business services and various other industry areas.

Most of the job seekers had already participated in mock interviews and this was their chance to put their communication skills into action.  

The employers were impressed with the way the young people presented themselves and answered their questions and they left with a collection of Resumes to review and consider.

Several employers offered employment on the spot and others were busy scheduling follow-up interviews.  Other "employers" such as LNA Master Landscaping Association  were actively referring candidates to their members which has already resulted in several positions being offered.  

If you are seeking to hire young people or if you would like to visit schools or youth services to inspire young people to consider pathways in your industry or organisation, please sign up as a volunteer on Inspiring the Future or contact Adrian Rhodes on 02 4725 0300.