Igniting enthusiasm for life beyond school

Connecting industry representatives with school students

Schools Industry Partnership, Jennie Payens

How do you encourage young people to shape their own future and ignite enthusiasm for life beyond school? 

We believe that the secret ingredient is to facilitate workshops that connect industry representatives with school students.  

Our workshops provide tangible student outcomes. Occupational stereotypes are erased, occupational links to school subjects are highlighted, the understanding that careers are dynamic and by no means linear, self-limiting beliefs are challenged, a curios mind-set towards occupational possibilities is adopted and of course, invaluable industry connections are made. 

As we know from research, self-limiting beliefs and stereotypes influence students from a very young age. We are on a mission to change this!

It was a pleasure to co-host with Vanessa Perkins, "What's my line of work?" interactive workshop at Springwood High School for Year 7 students. 

Our generous industry volunteer’s commitment to the future generation is highly commendable.