AWS Girls' Tech Day 2023 Hero Coding Activity

Schools Industry Partnership, Adrian Rhodes

The Girls’ Tech Day ImagiCharms ‘hero’ activity was a success. Those who participated in the activity enjoyed the experience; some returned 2 or 3 times. The students were encouraged to enter the draw for their school to win some of the ImagiCharms.




The winners were:      

Cawdor Public School

Rosemeadow Public School

Mawarra Public School

Seven Hills High School

Colyton High School

Granville Boys High School

Each of the Primary Schools were contacted by ITF team member, Carolyn Hide to advise them that they had won.  

Cawdor PS was the first school to receive their prize. The school is very small with around 80 students and is situated in a semi-rural setting close to Camden. The Assistant Principal asked for the prize to be presented to the girl whose name was drawn out. This presentation was conducted in the classroom. She was asked to come to the front of the class. Her friend seated next to her gave her a congratulatory hug. There was a formal hand-over of the prize and she proceeded to open the box. She pulled one out to show the class and she was asked if she enjoyed the experience and what she designed on the charm. She was very happy to share that she had coded a smiley face. One male student asked the value of these gadgets. When told what they were each worth, he almost fell off his chair! A wonderful reaction!  

The next school to receive their prize was Rosemeadow PS, with around 750 students. The teacher came and thanked us for taking time to deliver these in person. She introduced us to the principal who was very grateful for this prize. The teacher called the girl who had entered the competition to the front office. When we announced that she was the winner for the school, the beam on her face was truly something to remember.

Mawarra PS was the last primary school to be visited. This school is a medium-sized school with around 420 students. The prize was gratefully received.

Seven Hills HS was presented with their prize the next day. This was a formal presentation with an explanation of the ImagiCharms given. The student was asked what design she had made at GTD, and she advised that she had coded a frog.

The prizes for Colyton HS and Granville Boys HS will both be delivered in due course.

Many thanks to AWS InCommunities for making Imagicharms available for Girls' Tech Day. Further ImagiCharms activities are planned for 2024.