Inspiring Careers in Hospitality & Hotel Services Webinar

A Great Success

Schools Industry Partnership, Adrian Rhodes

The Hospitality & Hotel Services webinar was held on Thursday 17th September 2020 at the PARKROYAL Parramatta and broadcast out to over 40 school classrooms across Australia.  The webinar was a joint partnership effort by Inspiring the Future Australia, Tourism Accommodation Australia (TAA) , the PAN PACIFIC Hotels Group, PARKROYAL Parramatta, NSW TAFE, NSW Department of Education (DoE) Senior Pathways division and the NSW DoE Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP Program). Filming was undertaken by Greater Video.

Many thanks to the staff at the PARKROYAL and TAA for taking part in the interview panel and providing a virtual tour of the hotel.  The students appreciated having young hotel staff representatives sharing the various jobs they do now, their career pathways and advice to any who may be considering a career in the hospitality industry.

Teachers and students in participating schools were able to send in their questions that were answered by panel members and the session ended with a quick quiz on what was covered that allowed students to send in their answers. The feedback so far from teachers indicates that 100% of their students learned about the broad range of career pathways in the Hospitality/Hotel services sector and 86% appreciated the fact that career pathways are not linear and need to be self-managed.   See the entire recorded webinar here.

TAA is encouraging its members' employees to sign up on the ITF Australia website as volunteer guest speakers so that teachers can invite them to inspire their students at any time, face-to-face or virtually to learn more about their industry sector opportunities.  So far, there are 23 General Managers and Human Resource Managers from large hotels signed up on the ITF platform. There are also over 800 other registered volunteers across Australia covering a range of industry sectors and most of them should be available to schools as virtual guest speakers if requested. 

Watch the recording of the webinar here.      For further information contact: