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Cranebrook High School held their very first Inspiring the Future (ITF) event last week, with 5 volunteers attending different time slots to help with mock interviews for their English Studies students. Volunteers were given the profession or industry that each individual young person was interested in and asked questions that centred on the student's career interests.

The event aimed to give these students experience in being interviewed, and the process gave volunteers the opportunity to give feedback after the formal interview. This was a valuable asset to the students, as they were able to not only experience the interview simulation but take away actionable advice about how they can perform better in their next interview situation. Schools Industry Partnership (SIP) CEO Ian Palmer said “I had the opportunity to ask a few students if they felt the interview was helpful, and every student, without exception, was very clear they found it helpful and worthwhile. A couple confided they were very nervous, but from what I saw the volunteers were terrific in putting the students at ease and engaging them in the process.” This value for the students who participated was also experienced by the volunteers involved.

Volunteer Michelle Locke shared: “I was very glad to be involved and think that the interview offered a real-life practical experience especially with an independent person involved. The feedback post interview in my mind was the most valuable information for students to take on board and prepare themselves for when the ‘real’ one comes along.”  

For a young person looking to begin their career, the interview process can be daunting enough to stop them from starting. Mock Interviews in school don’t need to be a flagship career event, why not invite volunteers into your Business Studies or English class to help students practice real-world skills. Connecting classroom learning to the world of work through ITF can increase student motivation and help them understand the relevance of their lessons.

Mr Palmer from SIP, said, “I have no doubt, due to the generous support of the ITF Volunteers, these lucky students will now be far better prepared and far more successful in future job interviews.”

This great event demonstrates how ITF can be used for different disciplines to engage students in life skills connected to their subjects. Are you a classroom teacher struggling to engage your students in concepts and activities?

ITF volunteers provide a chance for young people to experience different connections and open their world of possibilities. Think about what you could share with a young person in your area!

Sign up as a volunteer or teacher now and help someone else at the beginning of their journey.

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