Inspiring Women in Design, Construction & Data

A popular and very well received webinar

Schools Industry Partnership, Adrian Rhodes

Congratulations to WIDAC (Women in Design & Construction) members for preparing and executing an extremely successful and widely appreciated Zoom webinar on Thursday 12th November. Over 150 adults and 500 students across Australia registered to participate. 100% of participants who provided online feedback stated that the session more than met their expectations.

All speakers were WIDAC members from across Australia and represented a variety of occupations including Interior Design, Acoustic Engineering, Architecture, Workstream & Digital Asset Management, Project Management, Lighting Design, and Contract Administration.

All speakers not only shared what they do in their current positions but also shared their widely diverse education and career pathways and provided encouraging practical tips to young women embarking on their future career journey.  

The following comments are representative of the overwhelmingly positive experience of webinar participants:

Thanks so much to all for these amazing presentations.

Very informative and real. Great for the students to realise that there is no lineal way in our career journeys.

Such an outstanding group of presenters and careers represented. This was the best hour online I've had in weeks! Thank you WIDAC and Woolworths for this excellent webinar.

Thanks to all the presenters today; very informative and inspiring.

Thank you so much for this experience we have really appreciated your words of encouragement and a female perspective in the industry!

I learned about a career path I did not know about, about the power of transferable skills and I received practical advice

The speakers were all excellent and inspiring in telling their career journey and about a day in their life - very practical and informative and the challenges and benefits section of each speaker was also very good.

The speakers were so engaging

Thanks so much to all for these amazing presentations. We’re looking forward to reading through all the slides again in our own time.

The recording of the webinar can be accessed here.