Inspiring Women in Tech Careers

at Blacktown Girls' High School

Schools Industry Partnership, Adrian Rhodes

An informal conversation with an inspiring person in the workforce can be a turning point in the life of a school student’s future career journey. That’s what happened at Blacktown Girls’ High School on Tuesday 6th September when 100 Year 8, 9 & 10 students engaged in highly productive conversations with 12 inspiring women who explained how they use technology in their daily work, shared their career stories and  provided encouraging advice.

The volunteer speakers all spoke highly of the students they met with, expressing their amazement at their level of attentiveness and the questions they asked. According to the school Principal Maria Trimmis, the event greatly expanded the career horizons of all the students and gave the Year 10 students especially, new information to help them with subject selection for their Year 11/12 studies.

In a feedback survey, the students collectively rated the event at 4.6 stars out of 5 and  approximately 75% of students said that as a result of the event, they were either more likely or highly likely to consider a career in technology.

Many thanks to AWS InCommunities for making the event possible and for making it possible for three AWS speakers to participate. Many thanks also to other amazing volunteers representing THALES, Nokia, Procore, Mott MacDonald, Paper & Pixel, Total Concept Industries and the National Association of Women in Construction.  Your contribution was greatly appreciated by the students as the following representative student comments confirm:

I liked talking to successful women about their experiences as a woman in a workplace and the challenges they had to face along the way

I liked hearing about how everyone overcame problems and reached that ultimate goal despite all the difficulties. It was really inspiring!!

I loved the fact that all of these women inspired us all to become the best version of who we are. To not be afraid of the male-orientated careers or fields, and give our best shots in the field we are interested in.

I felt very inspired and motivated as a young women. Being able to hear different aspects and stories of these women in STEM truly made me realise that ATAR doesn't always matter but instead believing in yourself and do what you love and are passionate about.

The interviews were very engaging - our questions were answered practically and in an inspiring and interesting manner.

To the question of “What changes could be made in future events like this one?” One student’s response was “None. You guys slayed!!🥰”