Inspiring Women in Tech Webinar a Great Success

Schools Industry Partnership, Adrian Rhodes

Five amazing women from Amazon Web Services and Amazon Audible, Krishia, Rajita, Marina, Kelly and Leanne took part in a successful webinar on Thursday 16th September titled “Inspiring Women in Tech.”

Over 800 students and teachers across Australia heard each presenter speak with passion about their job, their journey since leaving school, a recent project they worked on and share words of encouragement and advice to young women considering future study and career options, especially related to STEM.   The large number of questions sent in evidenced the high level of student engagement. The participant feedback received following the session was extremely positive.

ITF Australia is very grateful for the support of AWS in Communities, Regional Industry Education Partnerships-Training Services NSW and Orville at Greater Visuals in making the event such a success.

A recording of the session can be accessed HERE so that you can share it others who are interested.

Additional students’ questions and speakers’ answers can be accessed HERE