The power of collaboration

Schools Industry Partnership, Adrian Rhodes

Seventy female students from Airds HS, Campbelltown Performing HS, and the host school, Eagle Vale HS, came together for an Inspiring Women event on Wednesday 29 June 2022, supported by AWS InCommunities and the NSW RIEP Program.  It provided an opportunity for the students to engage in deeper discussions about life and career journeys with 11 inspiring female volunteers from AWS and other organisations who shared their experience of education, training and work, along with imposter syndrome, challenging gender stereotypes, dealing with barriers, and giving things a go. The successful event works because of women committed to helping our young people make informed decisions about their future, building awareness and broadening ideas about potential pathways. Many thanks to AWS InCommunities, to all volunteers and to Eagle Vale HS for hosting the day.

Rosemarie Vujcic, Head Teacher Careers- Educational Pathways Program (EPP), the event facilitator wrote: “The day reflects its name - inspiring and generating conversations with teachers and students well beyond the panel, speed careering, and a chat over lunch.”

One volunteer wrote: “I absolutely loved the event at eagle Vale high school, so much I officially joined Inspiring the Future Australia. Meeting young ladies and women in varying degrees is such a positive uplift for anyone. The ability to show the young girls that no matter what you do, you can always achieve your own goals and dreams and showing them different variety in careers.”

Another volunteer wrote: “It was a privilege to come in and impart and empower the young women of the future. It was refreshing to share my experiences and encourage them to embrace every opportunity and not be afraid to fail.”

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