ITF selected for The Greater Collective program

Former Google Employees getting behind the campaign

Schools Industry Partnership, Ngaire Gardiner
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The Inspiring the Future Australia (ITF) team is very excited about being selected recently as the focussed charity for The Greater Collective February leadership course. The training course participants are all C level personnel from companies and universities who work together in teams to come up with strategies to address a challenge faced by a not-for-profit organisation. It’s very timely and just what is needed to scale up ITF engagement with professional input. The challenge for the three teams of executives will be “How might ITF triple its volunteer base for the Western Sydney region by July 2019“.

The course begins on Thursday evening the 21st February when all 13 or so executive participants meet together and the ITF staff members present a 10 minute overview of Inspiring the Future Australia to get everyone inspired and engaged. This will include the big picture of the focussed challenge and how it is currently being tackled. The three teams of executives will then work on strategies to meet the challenge over three whole days (22nd Feb, 25th Feb and 26th Feb).  The evening of the 27th February will be Pitch Night when the three teams present their strategies to a panel of four stakeholder judges of our choosing including 1-2 of School Industry Partnership’s Board members. We are then committed to implementing at least one of the strategies over the coming months (we will probably commit to all of them!).


Many thanks to the organisers of the Greater Collective, Hiam Sakakini & Monika Gisler who are the Co-Founders of ThinkChangeGrow. They draw on a combined 20 years of experience at Google, helping people reach their full leadership potential through powerful learning experiences.