Maths Deadlys at Cranebrook High

First Primary School event for ITF!

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On the 19th of September, Cranebrook High held their annual Maths Deadlys for local primary schools. This year, the maths based games circuit event included Inspiring the Future volunteers, pioneering as the first Primary School event under the Inspiring the Future campaign. We were thrilled to be able to go along and support this event. It was a wonderful day with over 60 students from five different local primary schools coming along with their teachers 

Schools bring a variety of small teams of students who have all been practicing and preparing, each with a poster made for the event showcasing their team name. The teams were grouped together to rotate around each different activity through the day. Students participated in a maths quiz, problem-solving activities, a navigation game and game show style game that got them to buzz in with the right answer. Each activity aimed to engage students in fun, practical applications of maths. The competitive factor of the day saw high energy and enthusiasm from students, not a common description of the average maths lesson. 

The Maths Deadlys gets its name from the Aboriginal slang for good 'deadly' and aims to encourage and inspire young indigenous students in their maths studies through fun, practical games. 
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Volunteers, community members and teachers helped the students with the activities and facilitated the games. Students from Cranebrook High were also involved, keeping score, time and organising refreshments for the special guests. It was wonderful to see the community come together to inspire and empower young primary students in their education and future skills. Thanks to Cranebrook High for inviting us to be part of your great event, and for all the volunteers and other members involved. 

How could you use volunteers to engage and inspire your primary students?

Our Primary Futures campaign encourages Primary Schools to get involved with Inspiring the Future and invite volunteers to be a part of their events or present in their classrooms.

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