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Encourage someone you know to volunteer now!

Schools Industry Partnership, Ngaire Gardiner

It's a simple enough concept, but if everyone who has signed up for Inspiring the Future Australia got their friend, spouse or colleague to sign up - we'd double overnight.

We speak to hundreds of passionate volunteers and teachers, who only wish to see the success and reach of Inspiring the Future and don't quite know how to help. But it's as easy as talking to one person today to reach hundreds more students tomorrow. 

95% of young people would like employers to be more involved in providing advice and guidance about careers and jobs. On top of that, research from Education & Employers demonstrated that the more volunteers who students were able to see and interact with, the more likely they were to study harder and the more likely they were to feel confident in what they wanted to do in the future. 

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So who can you share Inspiring the Future with? Encourage your network to join the campaign through Linked In, Facebook or Twitter, or just ask one person to sign up today. We all have a story to share that can help young people!

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