Two Successful "What's My Line" Events!

Schools Industry Partnership, Ashleigh James

On Thursday the 25th of July, ITF Australia and Amazon Web Services teamed up to host two “What’s My Line” activities at two different schools for a total of 170 primary school students.


Students from Oakdale Public School and Elderslie Public School were introduced to six enthusiastic casually-dressed volunteers, each with different occupations. The students asked several yes/no closed questions in order to guess what each volunteers’ job was. They weren’t allowed to ask “Are you a….”.


After the students made their guesses, the volunteers reappeared on stage with their uniform and props to reveal their occupation to the students. They then had the opportunity to answer questions and speak to the students in small groups about their job and how their primary school education contributed to building a successful career.


The event was a huge success, with students surprised to learn about careers they had never heard of. They left the event with a better understanding of the career paths they could explore in the future.


Michelle Sapsed, Director of Educational Leadership, Camden Principal Network said that the activity gives students a broader understanding of possible careers and that there are no boundaries. "Males, females… anybody can do anything, and I think that’s a really great message.”


Oakdale Public School principal Maria Green was very impressed with the event, encouraging other principals to take part. She said “It’ll broaden your children’s capacity, capabilities and they’ll have a whole lot of fun doing it.”  Maria plans to run more events in the near future using ITF volunteers and local contacts.


Elderslie Public School principal Melissa Clarke agreed, saying “Not only is it valuable for your students, it’s valuable for staff and it really is an engaging activity that students can do very easily.”


Thank you to Amazon Web Services for sponsoring the events to make the videos possible and for providing volunteers at Elderslie Public School. Videos of both events can be found at