Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Greg

Schools Industry Partnership, Vanessa Perkins

Meet Greg

Greg is one of Inspiring the Future volunteer’s. We asked Greg a few questions about his experiences volunteering with Inspiring the Future:

How long have you been an Inspiring the future volunteer?

About 2.5 years

What made you want to sign up to volunteer with Inspiring the Future?
To contribute to the next generation and help them find their career pathway

What is it about volunteering with Inspiring the Future that you really enjoy?
Meeting new people, being able to share my journey and what I’ve learnt the hard way hopeful

Has your career journey taken the path you imagined it would?
Not at all, when I finished high school I wanted to get into music, but ended up taking an entry level role, which lead to more and more opportunities

What is something about your career journey that has surprised you?
No learning is ever wasted. Things I thought I didn’t need for any other role have come in handy years later

What is one piece of advice that you would share with young people today?

Worry doesn’t produce anything positive, instead work on your own character to achieve good results.

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