Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Judith

Schools Industry Partnership, Vanessa Perkins

Meet Judith

Judith is one of Inspiring the Future volunteer’s. We asked Judith a few questions about her experiences volunteering with Inspiring the Future:

How long have you been an Inspiring the future volunteer?

I started Year 2019


What made you want to sign up to volunteer with Inspiring the Future?

I am a mum and like what I am doing for my children, I want to inspire the young ones (our next generation) motivate them and educate our next generation in my own simple way of sharing my journey / my story with them


What is it about volunteering with Inspiring the Future that you really enjoy?

I enjoy sharing my journey to these kids, to teach them about resilience in life and that no matter how hard we plan things, sometimes it does not go our way but let us not let failures stop us in pursuing our dreams

Has your career journey taken the path you imagined it would?

I have no complaints whatsoever. I may not be a doctor now but I am a Health and Business Coach and educating / helping others in prevention of chronic diseases


What is something about your career journey that has surprised you?

Being an Entrepreneur, Selling has now become part of my Life and I did not see that I could even sell one single item in the past but now selling has become part of my life. From a Science Degree to become a Sales and Marketing Professional and a Health Coach is something I did not dream could be possible but now I am enjoying every moment of it

What is one piece of advice that you would share with young people today?

Education is something no one can take it away from you so keep educating yourself and it is the one that leads to many doors of opportunities. Never give up. If you fail, use it to be a Better You and Rise up Again.  Surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you. Dream Big, Act Big! Just Start and do not worry about failing.