Schools Industry Partnership, Adrian Rhodes

That was the loud cry made by 140  Year 6 students at Marayong Public School having fun as they took part in an inspiring careers education game similar to ‘Celebrity Heads’ where they learned from eight inspiring  industry volunteers about jobs that most of them hadn’t known about before.

The activity commenced with the eight volunteers sitting on numbered chairs in casual clothing answering multiple yes/no questions from the students such as “Does your job involve handling money?”, “Do you have to wear a uniform at work?” and “does your job involve designing things?” .  After the volunteers left the room to change into their uniform and/collect a prop, the students then guessed what each of their jobs might be and their guesses were listed on a whiteboard.  As each volunteer returned to the stage in their uniform or with a prop to learn what the students thought they were, the students then cried out together “What’s Your Line?” !

Each volunteer responded by explaining who they are and what they do and how English and maths is used in their job.  In small groups, the students then got to interact with the volunteers at 5 minute intervals in a speed careering session, learning more about their jobs and asking questions.

Many thanks to the NSW Department of Education- Skills & Pathways for providing funding to ITF Australia to facilitate the activity and to all the amazing volunteers and their employers, Sydney Trains, Blacktown Hospital, Roadmaster Refrigerated Transport, NEXGEN, Starry Arts, Gamuda Australia, Centrum Printing and UGL Engineering & Services.