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Today’s research highlights that Australian youth are increasingly struggling to find direction and pathways to sustainable careers after school. Almost one-third of young people in Australia are experiencing unemployment or underemployment and approximately one in three students who enrol in University fail the complete their course. These statistics are alarming and simultaneously devastating, as they tell a story of broken dreams, confusion and hopelessness for many young people today.  

So how can we work to empower current young people, not yet to leave school, to forge a sustainable future for themselves?

The task of inspiring and coaching students in their future is often left to teachers and parents, who are left feeling drained and overwhelmed when they can’t help their students or children find a direction they’re passionate about. It’s an unfair expectation, that school Career Advisors and teachers are supposed to hold the knowledge of every career and its experiences to share with students who want inspiration for what careers might be a good fit for them.

It takes a village to raise a child, however, as the old proverb says, and that village is more accessible than you think. Through the Inspiring the Future platform, you can welcome interesting speakers from different professions and industry to share their career story with your students and give advice to them about resilience and flexibility. Forget struggling to engage students in discussions about career, subject selection fairs or trying to communicate the value of their studies. Invite people from the world of work as visitors and guest speakers to your school events and classrooms to share a breadth of career options with your students and expose them to opportunities they may have never heard of before.

Research from our UK partners the Education and Employers Taskforce shows that 95% of young people would like employers to be more involved in providing advice and guidance about careers and jobs. Who would your students like to hear from? What pathways do you wish you could highlight for your students? ITF volunteers can provide fresh insight into a subject, industry or area of interest for students either in an organised career event or within a classroom lesson.

Broaden your student's horizons to help them forge their own sustainable future

According to research done by the Education and Employers Taskforce, those young people who could recall four or more interactions with employers were 5 times less likely to not be in education, employment or training after school. While only a proved correlation, this highlights the importance of employer and student interaction when it comes to young people’s futures. ITF career activities and interactions have the ability to shift the path of young people and help them find clarity and direction. At the heart of ITF are volunteers talking about their career journey informally with students, to broaden their horizons and raise their aspirations. Do you have students looking for direction? ITF is your free resource of enthusiastic and interesting volunteers, eager to share their experience in the world of work with your students.

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