Schools Industry Partnership, Adrian Rhodes

 Year 8 students at Springwood High School enjoyed a career aspirations morning. Firstly, the students had to guess the occupations and industries of seven industry volunteers by asking them ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions.

After many great questions, the industry volunteers went off stage and put on their work attire accompanied by props. The students’ reactions were priceless. This was then followed by an ‘industry conversations’ session with 14 industry volunteers. 

The students will always remember the 'Career Journey Conversation' they had with a Pilot, Correctional Services Officer, Plumber, Youth Worker, Engineer, Welder, Business Owner, Beekeeper, Author, Childcare Worker, Horticulturalist, Allied Health Business Owner, Science Educator or a Landscape Apprentice.

The ITF mission is to broaden the career aspirations of students and for students to adopt a curious mind-set about occupational opportunities.

We believe our workshops and conversations with industry volunteers will do just that!

Get involved by signing up as a volunteer on our website or if you are a school that is interested in working with us please email us at info@schoolsindustry.com.au