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How much do your students think about their online presence now impacting their career in the future? Are they using their current online presence wisely? Inspiring the Future volunteers can share their expertise as well as their story, all you have to do is ask! 

On November 29th, Year 10 at Winmalee High School were part of a hands on workshop presented by Debra Wylde from Ruby Spur Branding and Social Media, a local Blue Mountains business. This workshop was one of many activities they were doing as a part of their school careers education course. This particular workshop focussed on Social Media and how students can be using their online presence now to make an impact for their future career. 

During the workshop, students learnt how to proactively tackle the challenges of recruitment and applications and engage with the evolving online best practices being used by industry. The workshop also examined safe social media, laws related to technology, privacy settings and  how to manage your own digital footprint.

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The students were then taken through a few interactive exercises, that helped them create a profile that was professional in nature yet creative and personal in content, by getting them to examine their interests and what they could post to demonstrate those to a future employer. Debra also took them through an exercise to examine where they'd like to be in 5 years, by drawing 5 pictures of moments in their future. This exercise got the students thinking forward and starting to consider their aspirations and how to get there.   

Congratulations to Winmalee High School for their successful and well-received ITF activity!

How can you use ITF volunteers to inspire, inform and empower your students? 

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